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World Data Group

The World Data Group is the aggregation of several companies that use WDT’s technology to build CMPs.  


The World Data Group started with World Data Inc. in 1980 as a software development company. In the early 90s, World Data Inc. became one of the first IP engineering companies, servicing some of the largest carriers in the world and implementing over 100 ISPs (Internet Service Providers) globally.


In the 2000 time frame, the Group entered the telecom field with operations in 14 countries via a M&A strategy that leveraged its largest acquisition, Comsat International.    


In parallel to its telecom success, World Data and its affiliates have been intimately involved in the micro financing field for over 15 years, developing and using innovative technologies to enhance the Micro Financial value proposition.  Our commitment to the Micro Financial field resulted in the successful development and implementation of a specialized core banking platform under the name of METS (Mobile Engine Transaction System).  


Today, the World Data group of companies have successfully deployed METS in South America and in the US. In the US WDT has been instrumental in forming a Credit Union Network and its full integration into the Federal Reserve Bank ACH domestic and international network.


World Data is looking for strategic investors to invest in one or several CMP projects. We have a great deal flow and most importantly it is only recently that our model and technology has been validated by some of the largest players in the world.