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WDT’s partners participate in building CMPs on a pay as you go model as described below.

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS):the entire platform is deployed as a hosted service (in the cloud) in a secure environment in WDT’s affiliated data centers and accessed over a secure data link. As a hosted solution, clients benefit from reduced infrastructure requirements, installation costs, administration overhead, and other IT issues such as scale, performance, uptime, disaster recovery and maintenance. At the same time, clients gain access to online seamless updates and upgrades and related services. In the SaaS solution, clients subscribe to the platform by paying a fixed or variable monthly fee based on the number and type of services hired and on the amount of value transactions processed. All support and maintenance tasks are performed by WDT’s Development & Support team. This “pay as you go” model provides clients a flexible, cost-efficient, means to deploy the Mobile Ecosystem, enabling them to focus in their core business.

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  3. More Information> Download walletOn brochure.

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