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In spite of the growth of financial services’ delivery to the poor in the last decade, CGAP’s (Consultative Group Assisting Poor) experts estimate that nearly three billion poor people around the world lack access to the basic financial services essential for them to manage their precarious lives. At the same time, it is expected that a large portion of these people will gain access to a mobile phone by 2013.

Financial institutions (FIs), mobile operators, retailers and large service providers (SPs) have the potential to deliver mobile micro financial services to the bottom end segments of the income pyramid. The provision of these services not only opens new and profitable revenue sources for the above mentioned companies, but also can be a critical stepping stone in connecting these citizens to a broader economic life.

World Data's Mobile Ecosystem takes full advantage of the convergence between financial services and widespread mobile access to help SPs around the world “bank the unbankable”. WDT’s open and flexible Ecosystem has the ability to integrate hundreds of strategic and associate companies to maximize maximizing the joint value creation potential.

The METS Ecosystem embodies three constituent platforms:
METS, TX.net and walletOn :

  1. METS: is a specialized, robust, core banking platform serving as the back-office. This platform, developed by WDT in association with Microsoft, not only mets key micro finance industry’s requirements but it has also been extensively tested by client and partner users in the US and in Latin America

  2. TX.net: is the integration of secure network, switch, and cloud computing elements. This state-of-the-art switching fabric supports financial instruments such as debit cards (co-endorsed by VISA and/or MasterCard), merchant POS services, ATM networks, agent loading networks, as well as different delivery protocols such as SMS, USSD and GPRS

  3. walletOn: is a next-generation, multi-platform, mobile development environment providing end-users access to METS’s services through text messages, mobile applications, and web based applications. walletOn provides the Ecosystem’s clients with configurable and/or standard end user mobile solutions.

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