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Monedero Online*(Argentina): This project delivered to end users multiple merchant payment services directly using the mobile wallet without the debit card companion. Users were also able to locate stores, save coupons, and transfer funds between mobile wallets.

One example of a payment method is the use of QR Code scanning to acquire, register, and pay for an item. We implemented a pre-paid account, associated with the Mondero smart card, which can be accessed through a mobile or an online interface.

As a result, money became digitalized and allowed for remote transactions to complement the standard in-store transactions with a Verifone POS terminal. Along with this solution we created a funding system for any merchant or agent within the Mondero network.

Today WDT partner CodaMation still support Monedero on a day to day basis.

Monedero Online was sold to Visa Argentina (a Visa International and 42 bank venture) and renamed Monedero.

*For both Monedero projects WDT provided the back office and CodaMation the front office.

Monedero Online

Monedero Online

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